Yura and Hong Jong Hyun Have More than 80% Compatibility as a Couple

2015-01-20 10:54:30 2015-01-20 10:54:30

The couple Yura and Hong Jong Hyun from “We Got Married,” went to see a tarot card reader to see what kind of luck the new year held in store for them.

The tarot expert told Hong Jong Hyun he would have good fortune when it came to business, while he told Yura she would have good luck if she chose to take any form of exams or tests. The tarot expert also found that the two had an exceptionally high compatibility rate as a couple.

When the expert said that Hong Jong Hyun feels a little embarrassed by aegyo, Yura quickly responded, “I’ll try to do that less,” in a cute fashion, showing even more aegyo.

“Yura is the type of person that has a lot of questions, which can frustrate people,” also said the tarot reader. He then looked to Hong Jong Hyun and advised, “But don’t scold or nag her.”

yura and hong jong hyun WGM

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