Gaeko and Yankie Release a Feel-Good MV for “Cheers” Featuring Beenzino and Babylon

2015-01-21 20:00:48 2015-01-21 20:00:48

Rappers Gaeko and Yankie have announced the beginning of 2015 with “Cheers,” featuring rapper Beenzino and newcomer singer Babylon.

The project single from the Dynamic Duo and TBNY rappers was released on January 22, as part of Gaeko’s hip-hop label Amoeba Culture‘s 2015 project, “NEWorkend.”

The song also features popular rapper Beenzino of Illionaire Records, as well as up-and-coming vocalist Babylon. The music video shows four stars in a warehouse-like set, surrounded by various dancers and artists.

Amoeba Culture will be releasing more singles under their “NEWorkend” project, collaborating with not only musicians, but other artists as well.

Watch Gaeko and Yankie’s music video for “Cheers” below.