INFINITE H Unveils Album Preview For “Fly Again”

2015-01-21 07:35:28 2015-01-21 07:35:28

INFINITE’s hip hop duo, INFINITE H, continues to hype fans with their comeback this month! They just released an album preview of their upcoming mini album, “Fly Again.”

The album preview is sure to excite fans and hip hop lovers. It was revealed in the tracklist that Hoya and Dongwoo contributed to penning most of the songs from the album. They worked with rapper Rhymer from Brand New Music on the album.

It was previously reported that KBS deemed one of their songs, “Sorry, I’m Busy” as inappropriate for broadcast. However, their title track “Pretty” has been given the green light for broadcast.

“Fly Again” will be released on January 26. INFINITE H will also have their comeback showcase on the same date.

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