Lee Min Ho’s “Gangnam 1970” Is the Box Office Leader on Opening Day

2015-01-21 18:41:51 2015-01-21 18:41:51

Gangnam 1970” was the number one movie on the day of its release. The film is directed by Yoo Ha and stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Rae Won.

On January 22, the Korean Film Council stated that “Gangnam 1970” premiered the day before in 684 theaters and sold 163,398 tickets, making it the box office leader and the only film to sell over 100,000 tickets on that day. It beat other popular movies that are out, such as “Ode to My Father,” “Big Hero 6,” and “Today’s Love,” which followed behind in ticket sales.

“Gangnam 1970” is a film about two friends turned rivals and their story of greed and betrayal during the development of the Gangnam area in the 1970s.