“Animals” Reveals Adorable Stills of Kangnam Getting Kisses from Children

2015-01-22 19:43:17 2015-01-22 19:43:17

The new MBC variety show Animals released stills of M.I.B‘s Kangnam getting affectionate kisses from children.

On January 22, the variety show “Animals” released the behind-the-scenes still cuts of the corner “The Puppy That Went to Kindergarten.”

In the photos that were revealed, Kangnam has transformed into a teacher, and is taking care of children and puppies alike. Kangnam shows off unexpected charms as he affectionately looks at the children, not to mention the adorable children who are eager to give Kangnam a kiss on his cheek.

“Animals” is made up of three corners, “The Puppy That Went to Kindergarten,” “OK Ranch,” and “Three Bears.” “The Puppy That Went to Kindergarten” is produced by producer Kim Hyun Chul of “Amazon’s Tears,” and will deal with the cast and children taking care of and connecting with animals.

In this corner, ex-basketball player Seo Jang Hoon and composer Don Spike will join Kangnam as the cast.

The first broadcast of “Animals” is set to be on January 25.