Go Jun Hee Reveals Beauty Tips in Interview and Pictorial with ELLE

2015-01-22 21:22:55 2015-01-22 21:22:55

Fashion star and actress Go Jun Hee revealed her beauty tips in an interview that went along with her pictorials in the February issue of the fashion magazine ELLE.

Although she now relies 100% on her long-time stylists and artists to take care of her styling, while she only contributes with her opinions, Go Jun Hee said, “I tried a lot of different things when I was young. I had a strong spirit that enjoyed challenges. Now that I have gone through so many trials and errors, I know what style best fits me.”

She also openly revealed her makeup pouch, introducing items she used on a daily basis.

Go Jun Hee was revealed to diligently take care of her body and skin as well, along with her styling. She especially highlighted that health was the most important factor in beauty and she worked hard to maintain it. She said she worked out four times a week running on the treadmill at home and receiving personal training at the gym.

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