Kyung Soo Jin Sends Out Good Vibes In Her Black and White Pictorial

2015-01-23 17:19:42 2015-01-23 17:19:42

Pictorials of actress Kyung Soo Jin, known for the bright vibes she gives, with fashion magazine CeCi were revealed.

During the photo shoot, she was constantly laughing and bringing a light atmosphere to the studio.

kyung soo jin 2

In the pictures, she is rocking the black and white look. With the minimalistic touch to the photos, the simple yet beautiful aura of the actress catches the eye of viewers.

In another picture, she tones down her cheerfulness and poses with an elegance that is highlighted through the black and white filter.

Meanwhile, Kyung Soo Jin will continue to show her lovely charms in the KBS2 drama “Blue Bird Home,” which she was recently cast in.

Fans will be able to meet her pictorials on the February issue of CeCi.