Lovelyz Talk about Their Ideal Valentine’s Day

2015-01-23 14:50:03 2015-01-23 14:50:03

Lovelyz talked about their ideal Valentine’s Day.

On January 23, fashion magazine CéCi released a pictorial featuring seven-member girl group Lovelyz who made a splash with their debut last year. The concept of the photo shoot was “Loveable seven girls and their romantic Valentine’s Day.”

Lovelyz showed off their sweet and doll-like charms, changing out of the school uniforms they usually don on stage into pastel spring-ready outfits. In the cuts, the girls hold ice cream and candy and strike cute poses for the camera.

In keeping with the theme of the photo shoot, the girls shared about their ideal Valentine’s Day in the corresponding interview.

Kei shared, “When I have a boyfriend, I want to do something where we do it together. I don’t like chocolate, so I would want to make cakes or something with my boyfriend, have an enjoyable time like that.”

Yein said, “There are a lot of chocolate cafes where you can try a variety of different chocolates. On Valentine’s Day, at least for that one day, I want to go to a chocolate cafe with my boyfriend and eat all I want without worrying about gaining weight.”

Meanwhile, you can catch the full Lovelyz pictorial in CéCi’s February issue.

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