Seoul Music Awards Apologizes for Taeyeon’s Accident

2015-01-23 06:04:49 2015-01-23 06:04:49

Seoul Music Awards have issued an official apology for the accident involving Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon.

On January 23, Seoul Music Awards issued an apology through its official webpage, saying, “About the unforeseen accident involving Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation’s unit TaeTiSeo at the 24th Seoul Music Awards, we extend a sincere apology to Taeyeon, the members, the management company and the fans.”

They explained, “After Taeyeon and the members were leaving the stage after their ‘Holler’ performance, the lift that had been installed on the floor of the stage was suddenly pulled down and the accident occurred. There was miscommunication between the stage team staff and the lift was pulled down by about 1 meter on a stage that was 1.8 meters high. Taeyeon took a misstep and fell into the space.”

They added, “The TaeTiSeo members and the dancers who noticed pulled Taeyeon back up onto the stage, and the explanation given by the stage staff was that ‘The event was delayed, so the accident occurred while they were trying to speed things up.'”

Seoul Music Awards then said, “We have already contacted SM Entertainment and offered our genuine apologies, and we promised to be as cooperative as we can should further measures be needed.” They then went on, “For the unforeseen accident that occurred despite the many rounds of safety training and rehearsals, we sincerely apologize once again to Taeyeon and the members, the management company and the fans for the troubles.”

Taeyeon fell through the stage after finishing the performance with TaeTiSeo at the 24th Seoul Music Awards. She was immediately taken to hospital and underwent thorough examination. She was diagnosed with a minor back muscle injury and was taken home after treatment.