Actor Yeo Jin Goo Chooses Jo In Sung as His Role Model

2015-01-24 13:46:02 2015-01-24 13:46:02

Actor Yeo Jin Goo recently revealed which actor is his role model.

On the January 24 broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly,” Yeo Jin Goo sat down for a brief interview with the entertainment news program.

During the interview, the reporter asked, “You’ve played the younger counterparts of many top stars until now. [Of those top stars], who do you think you synchronize the most with?”

After hesitating for a bit, the actor chose Jo In Sung. Yeo Jin Goo took on the role of Jo In Sung’s younger counterpart in the movie “A Frozen Flower” in the past.

Yeo Jin Goo explained, “I’m not saying that I look like him, but that I want to be like him. He gave me a lot of advice. There are some things that I remember, but I only remember a little. But I do remember his face when he was talking. He’s very good looking.”