Han Go Eun and Heo Ji Woong Express Interest in Each Other on “Witch Hunt”

2015-01-24 20:52:03 2015-01-24 20:52:03

Actress Han Go Eun appears as a guest for a second time on the JTBC sex and relationship talk show “Witch Hunt” on January 23, where she and host Heo Ji Woong express their interest in each other.

During the show, singer Sung Si Kyung says, “When I drink water during a concert, the audience screams a lot.” Heo Ji Woong shares a similar experience, stating, “Then it’s the same for you. When I drink water during my talk concerts, the audience screams. Then they come on stage because they want the water bottle.” He lifts his neck and brags, “I always thought it was because I have two Adam’s apples.”

Shin Dong Yup asks Han Go Eun, “They say the Adam’s apple is the symbol of a man. What do you think if a man has two?” With a smile on her face, she answers, “I want to touch it.”

Later on in the show, when Heo Ji Woong is asked his thoughts on recording with Han Go Eun, he answers, “It was a very meaningful time.” Han Go Eun asks, “Now that you’ve seen me a few times, you’re less inspired, huh? Last time I came on the show, I joined the panel during the second segment, but today I joined the panel from the first segment and saw you up-close. It was very nice. If anything, I think I was more nervous.”

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