Jang Su Won Thinks “We Got Married” Participants Should Be Singles Only

2015-01-24 20:22:02 2015-01-24 20:22:02

Former Sechs Kies vocalist Jang Su Won appeared in the January 24 broadcast of MBC’s “Human Documentary – People Are Good,” where he gave his opinions on the variety show “We Got Married.”

Enjoying a second golden age following the popularity of his “robot acting” skills, Jang Su Won gave viewers a look into his daily life. A highlight of the episode, besides Jang Su Won showing his abs, was his interaction with his mother about marriage.

“Why don’t you try having an imaginary marriage on “We Got Married?” his mother asked. “I bet if you tried married life you would find it’s a lot of fun,” she offered, pressuring her son.

Jang Su Won, who currently has a girlfriend, responded, “I used to think it would be fun, too, but you have to be single to go on that show. If you already have a significant other, it’s just pretentious. It should only be singles on that show.”

“I wish you would get married soon,” his mother replied. Smiling, Jang Su Won then said, “A while ago, Mom said she would provide me a room to stay in if I got married. I told her I’m going to get my own place.”

Jang Su Won