Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun Bicker Cutely over Ramen on “We Got Married”

2015-01-24 19:12:22 2015-01-24 19:12:22

The January 24 broadcast of “We Got Married” shows the last part of Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun’s honeymoon in Turkey, where the couple battles over a cup of instant ramen.

When they pack for the trip, Song Jae Rim gives Kim So Eun a hard time for packing the cup ramen. Because of this, Kim So Eun is determined not to share any with Song Jae Rim. When Kim So Eun insists that she eat the ramen alone, Song Jae Rim tries to persuade her otherwise. He poses seductively on their bed then shows aegyo, pretending to be a cute shark and panting like a puppy. Kim So Eun teases her virtual husband by pretending to give him some ramen but eats it herself at the last moment. Frustrated, Song Jae Rim mimes spitting into the cup ramen, causing Kim So Eun to hand over her ramen in disgust.

In his individual interview, Song Jae Rim shares that he mimed spitting into the cup ramen because she kept making him want to take it away from her. Kim So Eun shares her anger in her interview: “It was ridiculous. He was the one that insisted he wouldn’t eat it. If I had a selfie stick, he would’ve been in trouble.”

Kim So Eun eventually makes another cup ramen for herself since her husband ate the first one.

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