Sung Si Kyung Would Date Kim Sung Ryung If They Were the Same Age

2015-01-24 19:55:28 2015-01-24 19:55:28

Sung Si Kyung and Kim Sung Ryung had a very frank discussion about inter-generational dating on the latest episode of MBC variety show “Tutoring Across Generations.” The episode featured Sung Si Kyung tutoring Kim Sung Ryung, 12 years his senior, in English.

In the show, Sung Si Kyung told Kim Sung Ryung, “I get asked a lot if you are actually pretty.” “How do you respond?” she asked immediately.

“I tell them you’re pretty. There are also those who ask if I would date you if you were my age, and I tell them I would,” he said. At that, Kim Sung Ryung poked fun at Sung Si Kyung, saying, “People I know say that it must be great to work with Sung Si Kyung, and I just say, ‘Why? He’s mean to me all the time.’”

“From now on, if people ask if you’re pretty I’m going to say, ‘why?’” Sung Si Kyung responded. He then asked her, “Do any of your Miss Korea friends ask about me?”