Yura Brags About Kiss with Hong Jong Hyun on “We Got Married”

2015-01-24 13:50:26 2015-01-24 13:50:26

On the January 24 broadcast of “We Got Married,” Girl’s Day Yura bragged to Hong Jin Young that she received a kiss on the cheek from her virtual husband Hong Jong Hyun.

This episode also showed the three “We Got Married” couples preparing for the year-end MBC Entertainment Awards. At rehearsals for the award ceremony, Yura and singer Hong Jin Young, another “We Got Married” wife, met backstage.

Yura said to Hong Jin Young, “I saw your kiss,” bringing up the kiss Hong Jin Young shared with virtual husband Namgoong Min in a previous episode.

Wanting to share her own skinship progress with Hong Jong Hyun, she boasted, “We kissed too!” Then the two ladies shared a laugh as they both imagined if Yura strategically turned her head so that Hong Jong Hyun kissed her lips instead of her cheeks. Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, who was with them, rolled her eyes and said, “This must be what housewives are like.”

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