Yano Shiho’s Impeccable Beauty Since Youth Revealed in Preschool Pictures

2015-01-25 03:29:47 2015-01-25 03:32:59

Yano Shiho’s preschool pictures were revealed for the first time.

On the January 25 episode of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns,” Yano Shiho’s preschool pictures reveal her impeccable beauty since youth.

In the picture, the young Yano Shiho’s slim face, distinct facial features catch the eyes of the viewers. Her large, round eyes, tall nose, and slender limbs especially resemble her niece Yume. Since Yume has already impressed viewers with her pretty looks, people yet again marvel at the inherent beauty throughout Yano Shiho’s family.

While Yano Shiho seems embarrassed when seeing her preschool graduation pictures, saying, “Oh! I did have a time this,” she proudly points out her long limbs, saying, “I’m tall, right? I started standing in the back row since then.”

Even Chu Sung Hoon agrees that Yano Shiho and her niece look alike, saying, “The two of you look similar since Yume’s arms and legs are long too.”