Dongwoo Went Searching for Pretty Girls to Write Infinite H’s Title Track “Pretty”

2015-01-26 14:52:54 2015-01-26 14:52:54

Infinite’s hip-hop unit group Infinite H, comprised of Dongwoo and Hoya, held a showcase for their new album on January 26. During the showcase, Dongwoo and Hoya shared the process of writing lyrics for the songs in their album.

Hoya introduced their single, “Pretty” by saying, “I dressed up and took care to make myself look good while making this song. I think that’s the reason why pretty lyrics and a pretty song came out.” He went on to reveal the pretty muse mentioned in this song, stating “The pretty subject in this song is [my] mom. [My] mom is really pretty.”

Dongwoo took a different approach to writing the song “Pretty.” He said, “I think all women are pretty, so I wrote the song while looking for pretty girls on the subway.” Hoya confirmed this, saying “Dongwoo’s words sound like a joke, but they’re true.”

In the title song “Pretty,” Dongwoo and Hoya express the emotions of falling in love through each member’s own style. Dongwoo and Hoya sing and rap the song as if they’re talking to their own girlfriend.

Dongwoo also revealed a bit about where he got the lyrics for the track “You’re Crazy.” Dongwoo shared, “This is from my own experience. When I was a senior in high school, I felt betrayed by an older girl I liked.” He turned to Hoya and said, “You know what I’m talking about, right? The candy-kiss girl.” Hoya responded by telling Dongwoo to cut it out. Dongwoo and Hoya went on to say that “You’re Crazy” is a perfect karaoke song for all the men out there who have been betrayed by a woman.

Infinite H returns with their new album, “Fly Again,” two years after their first album, “Fly High.”