Hyun Bin Impresses with His Passionate Study of “Hyde Jekyll, Me” Scripts

2015-01-26 19:12:59 2015-01-26 19:12:59

Hyun Bin is seen passionately concentrating on his “Hyde Jekyll, Me” scripts in behind-the-scenes stills released by the show. In “Hyde Jekyll, Me,” which aired its first episode on January 21, Hyun Bin returns to television with his first drama in five years. He essentially plays two roles as his character has two personalities. As he plays the two roles side by side, his acting abilities can be easily seen.

In stills from the filming set, Hyun Bin is immersed in his scripts, intently concentrating with a serious and exacting expression. It can be seen that he’s putting in a lot of effort to perfectly pull off a character with two personalities. His unending focus to his acting has the crew calling him “Hyun-tail”, a portmanteau of his name, Hyun Bin, and the word “detail.” For the delicate acting required to portray this character, he is putting in exceptional care and hard work. To make sure he doesn’t miss any small detail, he is ceaselessly concentrating on his scripts and rehearsing with his co-stars. The staff has been impressed seeing all the passion and effort put into his acting.

A staff member states, “Through his detailed effort, Hyun Bin creates a spectacular portrayal of a man with two distinct personalities, Goo Seo Jin and Robin, showing off the charms of each personality. Hyun Bin’s hard work and acting skills breathes life into the character 200 percent.”

“Hyde Jekyll, Me” tells the love story between the world’s worst man and the world’s kindest man living in one body and a woman who falls in love with both personalities.

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