Kim Jin Mentions His Close Friendship with Song Seung Hun

2015-01-26 21:39:34 2015-01-26 21:39:34

Kim Jin hinted at his steadfast friendship with former “Three Guys and Three Girls” co-star Song Seung Hun on the latest broadcast of SBS PowerFM show “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School.”


When Kim Jin was asked how he was doing by DJ Kim Chang Ryul, he replied, “I’m always the same. I’m doing well. Seeing the same friends all the time actually makes me a little annoyed. It makes me think of when I was younger.”

On the show, Kim Jin also mentioned how close he still is with Song Seung Heon, “I went out with Song Seung Heon last week and he bought me a meal,” he said. Then, when DJ Kim Chang Ryul and fellow guest Han Min Gwan mentioned how jealous they were, Kim Jin added, “I guess you’d be shocked to know that I met with (fellow “Three Guys and Three Girls” co-star) So Ji Sub yesterday, too.” His comment resulted in laughter from everyone.