Shoo’s Husband Im Hyo Sung Reveals Their Love Story on “Roommate 2”

2015-01-27 23:29:10 2015-01-27 23:29:10

Im Hyo Sung revealed the romantic love story of him and his wife, Shu.

On the episode of SBS’s “Roommate 2” aired on January 27, Im Hyo Sung made a surprise visit to Shoo and their twin daughters Ra Hee and Ra Yool at the share house.

When Jo Se Ho said, “I hear that you weren’t a fan of S.E.S before,” Im Hyo Sung replied, “Though I never had a favorite singer, Shoo was always my favorite celebrity.”

He added, “I had her picture in the locker room and told myself that I would marry her one day. She was my motivation to become a professional basketball player.”

When Jo Se Ho asked, “How did the two of you first meet,” he answered, “Shoo was the friend of my close friend’s girlfriend, so I thought that was my opportunity.”

“He didn’t seem like a basketball player. He was quiet and had glasses on,” Shoo described her first impression of Im Hyo Sung. “We were drinking wine with some of our friends when we first met, and that day we only greeted each other.”

“At first, we were just friends. He used to take care of my meals because he was worried I might not eat,” she added. “Even when I turned him down, he didn’t stop taking care of me.”

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