Suzy Turns Down Casting Offer for New Drama by Director of “Rooftop Prince”

2015-01-27 19:24:37 2015-01-27 19:24:37

Miss A‘s Suzy has turned down the leading role of the upcoming drama from the team behind “Rooftop Prince.”

A representative from JYP Entertainment told news outlet MyDaily on January 28 that “Suzy had to turn down the casting offer for ‘Girl Who Can See Smells‘ due to her schedule,” adding, “unfortunately she will not be able to star in that drama.”

Previously, it was reported that Suzy was considering the drama, along with Park Yoochun who was also offered the leading role. 

Suzy turned down the drama as it would conflict with Miss A comeback activities, among others.

“Girl Who Can See Smells” is scheduled to premiere after the completion of currently-airing SBS drama “Hyde, Jekyll, Me.” It tells the story of an empathetic man who lost his sister in a brutal murder case and a woman who miraculously survived from the same incident.