Victoria Cast for Chinese “Noonas Over Flowers”

2015-01-28 06:34:04 2015-01-28 06:34:04

Victoria from girl group, f(x), has been cast for a part in the Chinese version of “Noonas Over Flowers.”

As part of Eastern Televison China’s (ETTV China) “Huayang Jie Jie,” Victoria will be heading to Turkey with her co-cast members. She had made a special appearance in the Chinese version of “Grandpas Over Flowers,” but for “Huayang Jie Jie,” she is the youngest cast member on the variety program.

Expected to air in March, Victoria will be joining major Chinese stars such as Lim Ji Ryeong, Xi Mai Xuan, Xu Fan, and other famous actresses. Along for the ride as baggage handlers will be Lee Chi Jeong and Ma Cheon Woo. Together they will travel from Turkey to Italy, having fun adventures in Europe.

Victoria is expected to finish shooting “Huayang Jie Jie” early February and begin playing a role in another Chinese drama.