Kim Sung Ryung Impresses with Her Tight Abs on “Tutoring Across Generations”

2015-01-29 15:28:43 2015-01-29 15:28:43

Actress Kim Sung Ryung (“Heirs”) reveals her tight abs on “Tutoring Across Generations.

On the episode airing on January 29, Kim Sung Ryung is shown shooting a pictorial with Italian model Girolamo Panzetta. During the shoot, one of her outfits includes a cropped top and her 11-shaped abs are publicly revealed for the first time. Though her figure is impressive for any woman, it is more so because the actress is in her late 40s.

While everyone at the photo shoot admires her physique, styling, and charisma, her “tutor” Sung Si Kyung is seen a bit bothered by the situation but still unable to take his off Kim Sung Ryung. He recently told her that he would date her if they were the same age.

Sung Shi Kyung plays the role of her manager on this episode of the variety show “Tutoring Across Generations.”