“Running Man” Cast to Invite Their Best Friends for Upcoming Episode

2015-01-29 21:33:10 2015-01-29 21:33:10
yoo jae suk

On the February 1 broadcast of SBS variety show “Running Man,” the cast members reunited with their best friends of at least ten years for a laughter-filled episode.

In the preview, the cast members expressed surprise when Hong Kyung Min appeared in the opening as Kim Jong Kook’s friend. They commented, “[It looks like] we won’t know at all whose friend is whose.”

Oh Hyun Kyung, Kim Ji Soo, Kim Won Joon, Park Ji Yoon, Miryo, and Shin Da Eun also appeared and greeted their best friends with warm embraces. The cast members and their friends went on to share the stories about how they met as well as funny anecdotes from over the years.

Aside from the best friend pairings revealed in the stills below, can you guess whose best friend is whose?

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