“Introduction to Architecture” and “Cyrano Agency” to Be Remade in China

2015-01-30 19:50:05 2015-02-13 01:25:18

Popular films “Introduction to Architecture” and “Cyrano Agency” will be remade in China through a collaboration.

Production company Myung Films stated on January 30, “We are currently preparing for the remaking of these films. Myung Films is collaborating with a Chinese production company. We are working on the Chinese scripts now.”

In 2010 Myung Films released “Cyrano Agency” and gathered 2.68 million views while their 2012 film “Introduction to Architecture” rounded up 4.11 million views. Currently romantic comedies and melodramas are being box office hits in China. Many are curious as to see how the remakes for “Introduction to Architecture” and “Cyrano Agency” will do.

Miss Granny” was remade in China into “20 Once Againand has been met with great success in China. “20 Once Again” was released on January 8 and has made profits over 3.48 billion won (approximately $3.1 million USD).

Through the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Korea and China, Korean and Chinese entertainment relationships have become closer and there is a lot of interest in whether remakes will do well in China.