Man Se Hugs Chu Sa Rang in Latest Reunion on “Superman Returns”

2015-01-30 21:50:00 2015-01-30 21:50:00

On the upcoming episode of KBS 2TV’s “Superman Returns,” which will air on February 1st, Man Se and Sa Rang share a sweet back hug.

In this episode, the triplets and Sa Rang will have an adorable reunion, after having parted in Tokyo a month ago. Fans are especially anticipating the chemistry between Sa Rang and Man Se since they quickly became close friends after they first met.

Man Se’s affection for Sa Rang seems to have intensified. In the revealed picture, he is seen giving her a back hug while the two of them are riding a toy car. He truly seems like a pure soul as he smiles widely with his small hands hugging Sa Rang tightly. In response, she is smiling shyly, as if she doesn’t mind.

In another cut, the two of them are each riding a play toy, laughing whenever their eyes meet. Fans are anticipating that their sweet relationship will leave scenes of pure adorableness.