“Punch” Named Number One Korean Film Worth Watching by American Media

2015-01-30 22:35:33 2015-01-30 22:41:46

The film “Punch,” which stars actors Yoo Ah In and Kim Yoon Seok, was recently selected by Taste of Cinema for first place on their list of “20 Overlooked South Korean Movies That Are Worth Watching.”

Hanajun Chung of Taste of Cinema writes, “What’s great about ‘Punch’ is that the film is interested in the internal growth of Wan-Deuk through his physical talents, hoping audiences will connect with the character as he lives moment through moment.”

She continues, “’Punch’ was a financial success, but it’s foreign releases might have gotten overshadowed by the home releases of larger titles such as ‘The Front Line‘ and ‘War of the Arrows.’”

She finishes, “In any case, ‘Punch’ will definitely put a smile on your face.”

Meanwhile, “Oasis” (directed by Lee Chang Dong), “The Day a Pig Fell into the Well” (Hong Sang Soo), “Spin Kick” (Nam Sang Guk), and “Haunters” (Kim Min Suk) occupied the second to fifth place spots, respectively.

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