Song Yu Bin from “Superstar K6” Joins the Same Agency as Baek Ji Young

2015-01-30 00:50:22 2015-01-30 00:50:22

Superstar K6” contestant Song Yu Bin, not to be confused with the female contestant with the same name, has signed a contract with the same agency as Baek Ji Young. He was able to make it into the top 4 despite his young age as a high school student. With his good looks, he was a popular finalist in the show.

After the show ended, Song Yu Bin received many offers from various agencies. In the end, he decided to go with Music Works. This agency is home to Baek Ji Young, Yoo Sung Eun, and GB9.

Music Works stated, “We observed Song Yu Bin throughout the show. Both his looks and talent are good. He especially showed growth as the season progressed. We saw potential in him.”

The agency’s Yoo Sung Eun was a contestant on “Voice Korea” and has successfully debuted. “Superstar K” judge Baek Ji Young supported Song Yu Bin during his time on the show as well. She once praised, “I saw star quality in Song Yu Bin. He is pure and innocent.”

Born in 1998, Song Yu Bin has a lot to look forward to as he continues pursuing his dreams. It appears as though he has the potential to become a solo singer.