Zion.T and Crush Release Teaser Video for “Just”

2015-01-31 01:55:52 2015-01-31 01:55:52

In preparation for releasing their upcoming album, Zion.T and Crush’s agency Amoeba Culture put up the teaser video for their title song “Just” from their “Young” album on YouTube.

The video is black and white and features a variety of images. Among them, we see a man playing the piano while another person dances in front of him. Zion.T and Crush are also shown in the clip. Scenery involving falling snow is seen as people who are holding black umbrellas (including the artists themselves) are walking through a gate and toward a garden.

Zion. T and Crush are experimenting with a different musical style through this album. Many fans are excited to see a new side to the pair and are eagerly awaiting the fruit of their combined efforts. Their album “Young” and title song “Just” will be released on February 2 on various online music sites. Following this, they will be actively promoting their new music.

Check out the video below: