Mnet Confirms a Seventh Season of “Superstar K”

2015-02-01 22:41:34 2015-02-01 22:41:34

It has been confirmed that the singing audition program “Superstar K” will be coming back for another season.

On February 2, Mnet officially announced, “’Superstar K7’ will be broadcast this year. Please look forward to it.”

While the upcoming new season of the show has been confirmed, the detailed plans for the formatting of the show have yet to be decided at the current time. However, it has been said that the general format will not be much different from past seasons.

The Mnet rep explained to OSEN, “We plan to recruit the participants as quickly as possible. As soon as we prepare the recruitment, we will immediately begin to develop the plans for ‘Superstar K7.’”

Are you looking forward to a brand new season of the program?