Soompi K-pop Idol Vocalist Challenge: Round 1 (Second Half)

2015-02-01 23:41:51 2015-02-22 18:52:02

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Soompi K-pop Idol Vocalist Challenge! Thanks for all your votes in the first half of the first round. We’re happy to announce that there were very few spam votes. There were a couple instances in which the margins changed a bit, but the overall results remained the same as you saw them.

This time around, we’re presenting the second half of the first round: the Green, Light Blue, Blue, and Violet groups. Again, although we love all of our big-name idols, we really encourage you to take the time to check out the singing clips of talented folks such as Spica’s Boa and Kim Bohyung, Davichi’s Lee Haeri, Bebe Mignon’s Ben, and Mamamoo’s Solar and Whee In. Hopefully you’ll discover some singers you hadn’t known before! You can vote once per round every 12 hours. We will be clearing out spam votes, so don’t even bother!

The second half will end on Wednesday, 5 p.m. KST. In addition to the first-place winner from each bracket, we’re also allowing the top remaining contestant from each pair of brackets to proceed. So even if your favorite contestant isn’t going to win in his or her round of three, don’t fret – as long as s/he gets the most votes of any remaining contestant in the two brackets, s/he will be able to move on! And even if s/he doesn’t move on, we may incorporate “staff saves” in our upcoming Round 3.

Stay tuned, listen carefully to these great clips we’ve compiled, and remember to vote, vote, vote!


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