“Superman Returns” Triplets Help Their Dad Clean the House for Sarang’s Visit

2015-02-01 12:49:23 2015-02-01 12:49:23

Superman Returns‘” adorable triplets Daehan, Mingook, and Manse once again stole the audiences’ hearts when they transformed into cute cleaning fairies on the latest episode of the popular variety show.

On the February 1 broadcast of the program, Sarang and her dad Chu Sung Hoon paid a visit to Song Il Gook and the triplets’ home.

To prepare for Sarang’s visit, the triplets took cleaning into their own hands, even sporting matching aprons.

The triplets were extremely helpful in cleaning the house, as they collaborated in vacuuming the living room with the giant vacuum. When they were finished with preparing for Sarang’s arrival, the house had everything in fours, including chairs and cups.

During the episode, the triplets once again impressed the viewers when they were seen cleaning their own plates.

“Superman Returns” airs on KBS every Sunday.

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