INFINITE’s Hoya Confesses How Many Times He Watched Viral Fancam of EXID’s Hani

2015-02-02 21:01:08 2015-02-02 21:01:08

INFINITE’s Hoya recently confessed to watching the viral fancam of EXID’s Hani performing “Up & Down” on more than one occasion.

On the February 3 radio broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” Hoya and Dongwoo of INFINITE H, as well as the members of EXID, appeared as special guests.

During the live broadcast, DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked EXID if they have gotten tired of receiving questions about their recent rise in popularity, to which member Junghwa answered, “We’re not tired of it. There are still people who hear [the song] for the first time. We’re okay [with it].”

About EXID’s rise to the top of music charts with “Up & Down,” Hoya spoke up, explaining, “Hani’s fancam was filmed, and the song ended up earning popularity after the views for that fancam exploded. I watched the fancam about six times,” causing laughter with his confession.