Lee Dong Gun and Lee Yoo Ri’s New Drama “Super Daddy 10” Casts Supporting Characters

2015-02-02 19:12:22 2015-02-02 19:12:22

Upcoming tvN drama “Super Daddy 10” has finished casting its actors and has started filming.

As previously confirmed, Lee Dong Gun and Lee Yoo Ri are starring in a romantic comedy about two old flames reuniting. Lee Yoo Ri plays a successful doctor and single mother who finds out she has a terminal disease. She is determined to find a suitable father for her young daughter before she dies and grooms former boyfriend Lee Dong Gun for the part. Lee Dong Gun plays an eternal bachelor and washed-up baseball player who agrees to the contract marriage with his former love.

Casting for supporting roles on the show has been finalized. The role of the nine-year-old daughter will be played by Lee Re, whose previous works include the films “Wish” and “How to Steal a Dog.” Seo Ye Ji, from drama “The Night Watchman,” has been cast as Lee Dong Gun’s physical therapist who also has a crush on him.

Rounding out the main cast are Seo Joon Young and Choi Min. Seo Joon Young, most recently from the drama “Secret Door,” plays a doctor, former classmate of Lee Yoo Ri’s, and plays another love interest. Choi Min from “My Dear Cat” plays an ace pitcher who reminds Lee Dong Gun’s character of the career he could have had.

Song Hyun Wook, from last year’s drama “Marriage Not Dating,” will be the PD of the show. After finalizing the cast, “Super Daddy 10” started filming in early February. It is expected to premiere in March, after the end of “Heart to Heart.”

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