Nana and YDG Star in Be FUNNY Studios’ Newly Released “Girl at the HRS”

2015-02-02 16:39:54 2015-02-02 16:39:54

Digital studio Be FUNNY Studios has released its parody video of Jeff Bernat’s “Girl at the Coffee Shop,” titled “Girl at the HRS.”

The video features Jeff Bernat as he narrates the love story of a female drill sergeant (played by After School‘s Nana) and a private (played by YDG). As YDG and other privates, including Internet star Chef King Biryong, are forced to suffer through gas chamber training at a Hun Ryun So, or training center, their drill sergeant walks in and prevents their escape.


In a gas-induced stupor, YDG then has a flashback of himself and Nana as children. Adorable internet sensations Baby Yebin and Baby Rayul make cameos in the video as the young versions of Nana and YDG, with the former feeding “honey butter chips” to the latter.



Watch the full video here to see how Nana and YDG’s romantic story ends!