Kris Reveals Reason Why He Returned to China on a Chinese TV Show

2015-02-03 18:10:46 2015-02-04 01:31:58

Wu Yi Fan (Kris) has revealed the reason why he left Korea for China, during a recording for a Chinese TV show.

The Chinese media reported that Kris will be participating in “Chun Man,” a Chinese New Year TV program. He will be joined by director Xu Jinglei, who directed his film debut “Somewhere Only We Know.”

Media outlets reported that he will be talking about his film career since returning to China and why he decided to star in director Xu’s film. The reports commented that Xu Jinlei had many good things to say about Kris, and “was very considerate [towards him], like an older sister.”

During the recording, Kris also commented on his time in Korea. “The trainee life was very difficult. But what was more difficult was the distance. During the seven years I spent in Korea, I couldn’t even join my family for holidays. I missed home.” He then added, “Other things were okay. It was what I wanted to do.”

Kris is currently going through a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract with the agency.

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