4Minute, INFINITE H Tracks Ruled Unfit for Broadcast by KBS

2015-02-04 09:53:45 2015-02-04 09:53:45

Following its decision to ban new INFINITE H track “Sorry I’m Busy” from its airwaves, KBS has similarly deemed another INFINITE H song, “As Long As You’re Not Crazy,” as well as 4Minute’s “Just Do The First Verse” as unfit for broadcast.

According to KBS, the tracks from 4Minute’s new mini-album “Crazy” and INFINITE H’s comeback album “Fly Again” were banned for containing expletives and vulgar expressions. In particular, the words singled out for censorship in “Just Do The First Verse” were “You say I’m being rude, let’s see if you’re giving advice or just being a cranky old man.”

Following the announcement from KBS, a representative from 4Minute’s agency, Cube Entertainment, said that there were no plans to edit the lyrics of the track’s official recording. However, they also said that the lyrics could be changed for broadcasted performances of the song.

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