“Roommate” Releases MV Featuring GOT7’s Jackson and KARA’s Youngji’s Relationship

2015-02-04 13:32:32 2015-02-04 13:39:45

The producers of SBS’s reality show “Roommate” released a music video entitled, “The Story of Roommate’s Bickering Youngest [Housemates]” featuring GOT7’s Jackson and KARA’s Youngji.

The music video features KARA’s “Mamma Mia” and GOT7’s “Girls Girls Girls,” “Gimme,” and “Stop Stop It”. It includes clips of the two, affectionately called the JackJi couple by fans, from the first time they meet each other, to them feeding each other on a grocery store run, to multiple scenes of them bickering with each other.

The video also features the two idols showing off their individual charms, such as Youngji’s dancing, open-mouth laughs, and enormous lettuce wraps, and Jackson’s forward flip introductions, dancing, and aegyo.

It ends with a clip of fellow “Roommate” Nana saying, “I think they’re going to end up dating each other.”

Check out the video below:

The music video was posted on the official “Roommate” YouTube channel.