“Superman Returns” Twins Visit a Strawberry Farm

2015-02-05 22:28:46 2015-02-05 22:41:09

Superman Returns” twins Seo Eon and Seo Jun feast on strawberries in the upcoming episode. Lee Hwi Jae takes his sons to an organic strawberry farm to experience harvesting strawberries.

In the released photo, the twins are happily munching on the delicious fruit. Seo Jun’s eyes are sparkling as he tastes the delicious fruit. He even cheerfully plops an unripe strawberry into his mouth.

Seo Eon is also busy enjoying the bounty of berries. Resembling cute squirrels, the pair stuff strawberries into their mouths. Even though they are busy eating, the brothers don’t loosen their grip on the strawberries in their hands. Their adorable gluttony is making viewers laugh.

You can catch more of the twins’ strawberry adventures on the February 8 broadcast of “Superman Returns.”