Teen Top’s Niel Releases Teaser Video for Solo Debut Single “Lovekiller”

2015-02-05 18:11:33 2015-02-05 18:11:33

Teen Top‘s vocalist Niel has released the first teaser video for his upcoming solo debut single, “Lovekiller.”

The brief teaser video was released via Teen Top’s official Youtube channel on February 6. The title track for his solo debut album “oNIELy,” “Lovekiller” will fuse acoustic guitar with Niel’s attractive voice. It was written by Black Eyed Pilseung, who also wrote Teen Top’s “Missing,” and “I’m Sorry.”

In the gloomy teaser video, the talented idol singer shows off a powerful choreography in the rain, under a bridge.

Niel’s first solo mini album, “oNIELy,” will be released on February 16 at midnight KST. The album will also contain songs written by Niel himself. He has already released the album cover for the album, along with a teaser image.

Watch his teaser video for “Lovekiller” below.