A Pink’s Bomi Wants to Add A Pink’s Photo Next to Hyeri’s on “Real Men”

2015-02-06 21:35:33 2015-02-08 18:58:16

A Pink’s Bomi, who is currently starring in the female soldier special of MBC’s “Real Men,” made a cute request.

On the episode of “Real Men,” which will be aired on February 8, the crew is admitted into a non commissioned officer school after basic training. Upon her arrival, Bomi makes a cute request, asking, “Can you add our picture [A Pink] to the water purifier too?”

After finishing their training at the army boot camp, the members face a teary farewell with their fellow companions. Kang Ye Won, having accumulated the most penalty points, also cleans the bathroom before her departure. The beautiful platoon commander roots her on, showing a comforting maternal side to her.

During her farewell with the platoon commander, Kang Ye Won sobs, “I have gotten so close to you.” Bomi also cries along with her but makes a witty request, asking for a replacement of the water purifier picture.

At the officer school, the members are tense with anxiety after meeting their appointed instructor. The episode will further reveal how the members get along with real female non commissioned officer candidates in the dorms.

*Edited (Note: We apologize for the misunderstanding. The original preview article, released before the airing of the show, misquotes Bomi as making a request to replace the photo of Hyeri. However, following the broadcast, it was revealed that that is not what she said, and she merely asked for A Pink’s photo to be added also.)