Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Transformed into a Cheerleader for Hyun Bin in “Hyde Jekyll, Me”

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Girl’s Day’s Hyeri transformed into a cheerleader for Hyun Bin in “Hyde Jekyll, Me.” Hyeri’s character Min Woo Jung became a cheerleader in order to get a job at Wonderland so she could keep an eye on her crush and her competition.

The episode of “Hyde Jekyll, Me” that aired on February 4 had Min Woo Jung donning a cheerleader outfit. When she finds out that her crush Robin (Hyun Bin) is working under circus head and her rival Jang Ha Na (Han Ji Min), she decides to join the circus troupe at Wonderland.

Min Woo Jung is seen practicing cheer-leading choreography. During practice, she shows her determination as she says to her fellow cheerleaders “Hey! Do the right steps. I have to pass this audition to get into the circus troupe.”

Min Woo Jung has had a crush on Robin since she was in junior high school. Robin disappeared for five years but she was able to reunite with Robin. Min Woo Jung became suspicious of the relationship between Robin and Jang Ha Na so she decides to be employed in Wonderland to keep an eye on them.

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