Soompi K-pop Idol Vocalist Challenge: Round 2

2015-02-06 01:31:30 2016-08-10 15:28:24

Round 3 has begun: Soompi K-Pop Idol Vocalist Challenge: Round 3

Hello Soompiers, and welcome back to the K-Pop Idol Vocalist Challenge! Round 1 has wrapped up with very few surprises. SM made a strong showing as always, with eight out of nine contestants proceeding to Round 2 (sorry, Jonghyun, we still love you!). Of the soloists, Ailee dominated the votes, but IU also managed to scrape through, competing against Lee Hi for a second-place finish in the Blue group.

In each bracket, we placed two well-known idol singers with a third singer who tended to receive less recognition with Soompiers. The only singer in this category to make it through was 2AM’s Jokwon, who competed against VIXX’s Ken for the second-place finish in the Violet group. Jokwon’s bandmate Changmin almost made it through, but was defeated by BIG BANG’s Daesung for the second-place position.

Full results are as follows:

Pink 1 1st place: Super Junior Yesung
Pink 2 1st place: Infinite Sungkyu
Pink 2nd place: SHINee Onew

Red 1 1st place: Girls’ Generation Taeyeon
Red 2 1st place: f(x) Luna
Red 2nd place: BIG BANG Daesung

Orange 1 1st place: EXO Baekhyun
Orange 2 1st place: FT ISLAND Hongki
Orange 2nd place: BIG BANG Taeyang

Yellow 1 1st place: JYJ Junsu
Yellow 2 1st place: SISTAR Hyorin
Yellow 2nd place: MBLAQ G.O

Green 1 1st place: EXO Chen
Green 2 1st place: Ailee
Green 2nd place: WINNER Seungyoon

Light Blue 1 1st place: B.A.P Daehyun
Light Blue 2 1st place: A Pink Eunji
Light Blue 2nd place: CNBLUE Yonghwa

Blue 1 1st place: BEAST Yoseob
Blue 2 1st place: INFINITE Woohyun
Blue 2nd place: IU

Violet 1 1st place: TVXQ Changmin
Violet 2 1st place: Super Junior Kyuhyun
Violet 2nd place: 2AM Jokwon


Finally, we’d like to apologize for our handling of the tournament thus far. We ran Round 1 in two halves, and in both halves we made a mistake with the way the polls were set up, so the polls did not shut down automatically when the voting deadline passed. In both cases, the polls ran more than 24 hours after they were supposed to have closed. We felt that it was necessary to honor the deadline, so we exported and deleted the votes (this being the quickest way to deal with the thousands of votes that came in after the deadline). So it may seem that the results were not transparent, but we stand by the accuracy, and hope they can be verified by our audience.

Now we proceed to Round 2! To vote, please go to the next page, watch the video clips, and make your choice for the best K-pop vocalist! The second round will end on Monday, February 9, 10 a.m. KST. You can vote once per round every 12 hours. We will be clearing out spam votes, so don’t even bother! Don’t worry too much if your favorite artist doesn’t move on – we will be incorporating some “staff saves” in Round 3.

Happy voting!