Actor Kang Ha Neul Says He Doesn’t Develop Romantic Feelings for Actresses

2015-02-08 22:09:11 2015-02-08 22:12:34

Actor Kang Ha Neul recently opened up about dating an actresses during an interview with OSEN on February 9.

On the topic of dating, the actor shared, “I have never dated an actress until now, and I have no thoughts [of doing so] in the future. I’ve heard that an artist once said, ‘If I were to be born again, I would never hold a brush.’ It’s similar to that. I know very well how difficult acting is. If I met an actress and she has as much love for acting as I do, she would see how difficult it is. And if not, she would not have any charms as an actor.”

Kang Ha Neul continued, “There is an actress that I like—Jung Yoo Mi sunbae (senior). I’ve seen her only once at a press conference for the movie she starred in called ‘Manhole.’ My hands were shaking the moment I shook her hand, not due to romantic feelings, but because of the thought that I was meeting a senior actor that I respect. I’ve liked her since the movie ‘How to Operate a Polaroid Camera.’ Her eye for choosing a production and the tone of her acting are good. I think it’s similar to the style of acting that I am pursuing.”

Meanwhile, the actor’s latest movie, “C’est Si Bon,” recently hit theaters on February 5.