Chu Sarang and Man Se Hold Hands and It’s Crazy Adorable

2015-02-08 04:00:44 2015-02-08 04:00:44

The February 8 episode of KBS’ “Superman Returns” continues the adorable story of Chu Sarang and Man Se

In the episode, Chu Sung Hoon and Song Il Gook head off to a sledding slope after their families spend the night together, with Chu Sarang and Song Il Gook’s triplets in tow, a picture of cuddly cute in their matching orange outfits. 

superman returns sarang manse

All the way in the back of the van, Chu Sarang and Man Se hold hands for the entirety of the trip to the slope, and Song Il Gook jokes to Chu Sung Hoon, “I think there’s a fire in the back.”

superman returns

Once they arrive at the slope, the show of affection continues, with Man Se being the perfect gentleman towards Chu Sarang.