“Roommate” Female Crew Caught Off Guard by Taecyeon’s Morning Visit

2015-02-08 22:08:53 2015-02-08 22:08:53

The ‘bed face’ game was strong when 2PM‘s Taecyeon made a surprise visit on SBS’s “Roommate” and woke up the female members in the share house.

On the episode of “Roommate,” which will be aired on February 10, GOT7‘s Jackson invites his close friend Taecyeon to the share house.

His unexpected morning call surprises the female members, especially because they have no makeup on. In a feeble attempt to hide their plain face, they scurry around the house, doing anything they can to cover up.

Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny, who is known to be good friends with Taecyeon, especially violently reacts to his surprise morning call.

Meanwhile, the Twitter account for “Roommate” revealed pictures of Seo Kang Joon and KARA‘s Youngji wearing aprons with their face caricatured on the front. The caption announced that the two would be experiencing the daily life of a coffee shop worker in the upcoming episode.

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