B1A4’s Baro and Son Ho Joon Are Unafraid to Express Their Love for Each Other

2015-02-09 14:38:05 2015-02-09 14:38:05

In a recently aired episode of SBS variety show “Law of the Jungle with Friends,” B1A4’s Baro and actor Son Ho Joon revealed the contents of their text message conversations and showed they are not afraid to express their brotherly love.

The two became friends when they acted in the tvN drama “Reply 1994” together in 2013. They got even closer when they, along with fellow “Reply 1994” co-star Yoo Yeon Suk, traveled to Laos together for the variety show “Youth Over Flowers” in 2014.

Baro and Son Ho Joon talked about their deepening friendship on “Law of the Jungle with Friends.” Baro shared, “After returning from Laos, I became closer with Son Ho Joon and Yoo Yeon Suk.” Son Ho Joon confirmed this, saying, “We got closer and even know each other’s secrets.”

The contents of their text message conversations were revealed on the show as well. In the midst of their busy schedules, the texts show how they care for each other by asking after one another and how they are doing. The texts also show how they are unafraid to express their feelings for each other. Son Ho Joon explained his emoticon-filled texts, saying, “When I send texts I randomly include tons of hearts.” Laughing about their text exchange, Baro said, “I didn’t know that I would say ‘I love you’ to another man.”

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