An Exclusive First Look at Upcoming Film “C’est Si Bon,” Starring Jung Woo, Kang Ha Neul, Han Hyo Joo

2015-02-09 20:39:02 2015-02-09 20:46:17

Get excited – a new musical blockbuster will soon be hitting theaters in North America, courtesy of CJ Entertainment!

C’est Si Bon,” starring Jung Woo, Kang Ha Neul, and Han Hyo Joo, follows the life of Oh Geun Tae (Jung Woo), who is trust into C’est Si Bon, a music cafe that became the birthplace of Seoul’s iconic folk music. Along the way, Oh Geun Tae finds himself unwittingly caught in rivalries and friendships as the third member of the yet-to-debut “C’est Si Bon Trio,” all the while juggling a budding romance with Min Ja Young (Han Hyo Joo), an aspiring actress and the band’s muse.

The film will premiere in select North America theaters on February 13. In the meantime, check out a Soompi-exclusive MV with never-before-seen clips of Jung Woo’s “I Will Give You Everything,” as well as exclusive stills from the film!

Exclusive Stills: