Actress Soo Ae Turns Down Role in “While You Were Sleeping,” Rain Still Undecided

2015-02-11 14:30:09 2015-02-11 14:30:09

Representatives of Rain and actress Soo Ae have denied reports that the two will co-star in upcoming film “While You Were Sleeping.”

According a representative of Rain’s agency, Cube Entertainment, “Rain has been contacted regarding the role, but no final decisions have been made. We are currently discussing the opportunity further.” Meanwhile, a representative of Soo Ae flatly denied the report, saying, “Soo Ae has already made the decision to turn down the project.”

Previous reports that the two were set to co-star as husband and wife in the film had garnered a lot of attention given the two stars’ relatively long absences from the movie industry. Rain’s last performance in a Korean film came before his military service in the 2012 film “R2B: Return to Base.” Soo Ae has not appeared in a film since 2013’s “The Flu.”

Meanwhile, “While You Were Sleeping” is a melodrama that tells the authentic story of a husband devoted to his wife.