Krystal and Seo Jun Young Co-Star in Short Film

2015-02-11 13:57:07 2015-02-11 13:57:07
krystal seo jun young

f(x)’s Krystal and actor Seo Jun Young will be starring in the short film “Listen to My Song” (working title), which is directed by Shin Yeon Sik.

According to a media source on February 11, “‘Listen to My Song’ is about the story of a top actress who releases a music record. The running time is short, not even filling ten minutes, and filming [for the movie] is already complete.”

The source continues, “In this film, Krystal showcases acting skills so solid that it is hard to believe that she is an idol. It goes without saying that Seo Joon Young, with his extensive experience, was able to smoothly maneuver the dynamics on set.”

krystal seo jun young

Krystal will play a top actress and Seo Joon Young a member of her accompanying band. Rather than a lovey dovey romance, “Listen to My Song” will highlight the musical bond of the two main characters.

“Listen to My Song” is one of three short films produced by fashion magazine W Korea in commemoration of its 10th anniversary. The film will premiere at the KT&G Sangsangmadang in mid-March.